Monday, November 24, 2008

la fille aux cheveux de lin

la fille aux cheveux de lin

there's something magical about 'la fille aux cheveux de lin' by debussy. literal translation of that would be 'the girl with the flaxen hair'. not wanting to sound overly sentimental, but on some nights one could even see her coming into shape.

i do not wish to speculate but this song is so romantic that i think debussy must have been through certain anguish to come up with something this beautiful. i hope u like it!


Wednesday, November 5, 2008

F**k White People!

Wee Boon/Tom gives an insight into what its like as a Chinese man in a whitewashed country

I feel absolutely no remorse for being racist towards a white person. After all, considering the shit they’ve done to the rest of the world (Here’s a list):
• Apartheid in South Africa
• Classifying aboriginals as plants in Australia until the 70’s
• Feeding the imperial court of China opium so they could conquer them
• Waging war on middle-eastern states in the name of counter-terrorism when what they really want is oil
• Raping, plundering and basically sucking dry Africa and justifying their actions by saying “savages” cannot self-administer
• Forcing down our throats their economic theories. The same theories that got us into this big f**king mess we call the “sub-prime” crisis
• And the list goes on

The last thing you’d care about is your feelings…..

On a more micro-level, white supremacy still pervades our culture in a big way. Just take a good listen to our radio stations and you’ll probably hear some f**king poser in an Anglo-Saxon accent talking about how cool something we don’t really care about is….. and what about our girls?! Seriously, it’s gotten to a point where if you’re white, male and a loser, all you have to do is come to Malaysia and all your personal problems are over!

It’s hard for me to understand why most of us Malaysians revere them like Gods when all they all they really are are f**king retards! From my observations, they are f**king oblivious to the concept of being a guest in someone’s country. Personally, when I’m abroad on vacation I take pains to sensitize myself to the local customs and culture while being mindful of my behavior towards the locals. The opposite seems to ring true for the white man on vacation in Malaysia, He stays at the Hilton at KL Sentral, splurges 6 months worth of wages on renting a BMW convertible for a week, and has a hooker or two on tow, everywhere he goes. I was unlucky enough to encounter such a bastard on my way back from college a week ago when I was trying to enter a main road, I was quite a distance from his car when I decided to go into his lane but instead of slowing down, the faggot decided to speed further almost coming into contact with my car. He horns, cuts into the next lane and flashes me the finger much to the amusement of his kindergarten-educated hooker. If you think that was disgusting enough, you ain’t heard shit yet….

My brother Loong is studying over at Cardiff in Wales pursuing a law degree right now. Over the course of a month since he’s been there, he’s been having trouble adjusting to the culture, which can be hard since White people are only good at getting drunk and catching sexually-transmitted diseases. His homesickness was further compounded when he was placed in a hostel with 3 white girls with very difficult personalities. At first, they were nice enough to introduce themselves, because they probably figured that in any event where they might come home smashed, the one sober guy in the apartment would actually let their fat asses in. After a few days, the niceties stopped and every time they would have their meals together in the kitchen, totally ignoring my brother’s existence, that is until something goes wrong or missing at their place. It’s bad enough my brother has to do the washing up so that their place doesn’t get fined; now he gets accused of taking other people’s stuff. One of the girls actually went to my brother’s room knocked on his door and started making a big scene about her missing chopping board. My brother was of course pissed off when he found out later that the chopping board was found again, but in the hands of the other white girl living in the same apartment. Did she make a big scene this time…. No…….. Choosing instead to laugh it off with her over a glass of wine. If that doesn’t reek of racism I have no idea what does…

So bitch, if you are reading this (ever since Jimmy told me we have visitors as far as Timbuktu, nothing surprises me anymore), I’d suggest that you crawl back to that little hole in wherever the f**k u came out from before because obviously you need some f**king help! You’ve got some f**king nerve trying to impose your f**king imperialist rhetoric on my little brother and if it ain’t because u were a girl he’d probably slap your slutty fat-ass back to Surrey you f**king minger! My brother does not have to take shit for being responsible for his own life and he certainly doesn’t need to make any apologies for trying to be as stupid and condescending as you and your other friends are. This incident and a string of events in the past has taught me if anything that you and your f**king people are f**king idiots. F**k White People!

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