Thursday, October 8, 2009

Tad Lo: The Hidden Gem of Lao

Just a quick recap, i started off in vientiane, headed to luang prabang and back to vientiane before grabbing a sleeper all the way to pakse.

after our less than impressive experience in luang prabang, we decided  to give viang vien a miss, those “i was in the tubing viang vien” t-shirts were more than enough of an indication of what to expect from the place.

after reaching pakse, we headed out for a little village on the boloven plateau – tad lo.

we found a nice little place called mama paps, who offered us rooms by the river for 20,000 kip a night. money very well spent.

mama pap's huts by the mekong

if laos should be known for anything, it’s waterfalls.

The Mekong Fallhidden waterfall in the jungles of boloven plateau

if you ever wondered what it was like to live in a farm, then tad lo might be the place for you. the wilderness of tad lo may not be for everyone, but for a traveler longing for the peace and quiet that the locals enjoy on a daily basis, this was a welcome retreat from luang prabang. i did get into an unfortunate accident, which ended up costing me ALOT of money, but it was well worth it.


One of the define highlights of the area are the locals, super friendly and sometimes super quirky. Also, if you’re lucky, you might run into a bunch of wild kids running around naked with rubber tires, but like the infamous irrawady dolphins, you’ll have to keep your eye out for these:

Naked Lao Tire TribeCheeky Mekong Kids

We were treated to beautiful sunsets that turned the sky into a beautiful patches of purple and orange.

A Purple Sunset

i could wax lyrical about tad lo the whole day. but all in all, tad lo was definitely one of the highlights of the trip.


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