Thursday, October 1, 2009

Vientiane, the capital of laos and a contender for cleanest city in south east asia

contrary to popular (jeremy’s) opinion, laos is not full of cannibals running around with spears in the nude. Laos, well the capital anyway, seemed to be developing along nicely along with the rest of south east asia. take away the reckless drivers, the aggressive people and the insurance salesmen of kl and you’ll find yourself in something similar to vientiane. of course, laos was holding the SEA games this year, so it could be plausible that the whole thing was a facade for tourists like myself.

my first stop on my trip to laos was to vientiane, taking a 3 hour flight from kl, i got there early in the morning.

initially, the plan was to head straight to luang prabang which is to laos what ang kor wat is to cambodia. but i didnt manage to catch the earliest bus out and i had to wait for 6 hours before i could catch the next one.

which ended up to be a good thing, because it gave me a chance to check out the city

Anyways, here are some photos from my stop at vientiane.

A walk to the Pha That Luangthe vientiane bird ladythe entrance of wat pha luang

Temples and palaces are popular hang out places for students over in laos, this place was called wat pha luang. Inside the gates of this temple, lie the most important Buddhist monument in laos. also, it’s the place where my friend lost her umbrella.

the other photo is the bird lady, RM 5 and you can release the birds. the birds are trained to come back afterwards though.

 Patuxay Park  vientiane, from the top 

Lao’s answer to the disney castle, you can climb to the top and check out the view, it costs USD $2 to get to the top though.


anyways, i took tons of photos so i’ll upload them when i can.

it’s good to be back!


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